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ANIM 402-01 Storyboards

During my ANIM 402 class in the winter of 2022, one of our projects was to work with a group in order to create a storyboard, animatic, and subsequent animation that flowed seamlessly between each part. In order to achieve this, each person was supposed to animate two shots that they would then animate. The story we decided on revolves around two characters, Eldon and Amelia, who are at an arcade/bowling alley. After Amelia finally gets enough tickets for a little plastic ghoul ring, she's disappointed to find that Eldon got the last one right before she did. Angrily, she steals the ring from him, and fight/chase ensue. 

I ended up doing way more than two shots, and this was primarily a result of my classmates being unwilling to board the shots that would be needed to transition between different shots. My boards are the top two animatics, with the bottom one being the cumulative animatic. If you want to see the animations, please click here.

All boards were done in Storyboard PRO.

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