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Advanced Puppet Animation (Fall 2021)

Even though I hadn't touched puppet animation in about a year, I took ANIM 382 in the Fall of 2021, which was an advanced puppeting and compositing animation class. I will admit, this was one of the hardest classes I took at SCAD. The goal of the class was to create a 15+ second animation with fully rigged puppets, backgrounds, and to have it composited by the end of the quarter. That being said, the class was so weighed down with how many rigs we had to make that compositing was dropped as a requirement. If you want to see the character designs and layouts themselves, please click here.

All things considered, I'm not the happiest with how the final product turned out. If time allows, I'm going to go back and clean it up more. If I could change something, I would have made the mouths much larger than they were, but no notes were given to me during the process, so I wasn't warned this would be a problem.

The audio is from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," and all character drawings, animatics, rigs, and animations were done in Adobe Animate. The backgrounds weree done in Adobe Photoshop.

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