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Scheduled Programming (Spring 2021)

In the Spring of 2021, I took ANIM 395, which was a combined pipeline class for all four of the animation concentrations to work together, including 2D, 3D, story and concept, and technical animation. Though my film concept wasn't chosen, I was made one of the co-directors of the film and storyboarded the 3D parts of the film - as well as my own 2D animated part in the middle. I also provided character designs and such, which can seen over in their own section. But primarily, I focused on animating, from rough animating a couple of shots for people that they later cleaned up on their own (with my rough animations being done in blue) as well as cleaning up and compositing my own shots. The full film is at the bottom. All animation was done in ToonBoom Harmony and compositing was done in After Effects.

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