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Addicted (Fall 2019)

The first quarter of my second year of college was a course entitled Survey of Animation: Professional Pathways. In this class, we created an animation while going through every part of the pipeline, from concept art to final piece using 2D puppet animation, 3D character animation, as well as some technical aspects. (The concept art for this animation can be seen on the Stills and Concept Art page.)


In this animation, my character Sei is dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, which was brought about because of a pill and alcohol addiction. He's also tormented by his estranged mother, which leads him to rely on the drugs. This animation takes place after a particularly bad bender, and he hasn't quite sobered up by the time he's awoken... at 3:14pm.

Animatic was done in Paint Tool SAI and put together in Adobe After effects. 2D Puppet was drawn in Adobe Photoshop, 3D animation was done in Maya, and both were put together in Adobe After Effects.

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