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Animation Storyboard

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My largest storyboard to date, this was another project for my Drawing for Storyboarding class during the fall quarter of 2019. Unlike the other storyboards I'd done thus far, this one was animation oriented, with each action drawn out in multiple scenes. In total, there are 237 panels.

The prompt for this storyboard was, "Two characters who hate each other are forced together to accomplish some kind of task." The story illustrated is actually a smaller part of a larger story I've been working on for a while, but hopefully it's not too confusing.

Angel and Alkali are two high-ranking members of the Societal Reformation League, a villain organization that aims to reform society through violent means. After Angel kills the mother of Maximum, a young hero with whom he has a grudge, Alkali has to rescue him and get him back to the base without either of them being arrested, or worse. There's two little problems, though: cops and heroes are all over the place, and Angel and Alkali absolutely hate each other.

Slight warning for profanity and violence, as well as a minor on-screen character death.

Everything was done in Adobe Photoshop.

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