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maryland airsoft 001.png

Battle Scars Redraw (2021)

Over the Summer 2021 quarter and the two weeks I got of break, I enjoyed my time by watching The Bad Batch series on Disney+ with my roommate. One of the episodes stuck me as particularly heart-wrenching, and I decided to redraw the scene in my style. I particularly enjoyed getting to draw Wrecker and his armor/gun, as it would prepare me for work I would later do on Beacon. The Survivor looks a lot like him!

Art done in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop.

Airsoft Shenanigans - WIP (2021)

Before the Summer Quarter started, I went with my partner and a few of our friends to a two-day airsoft event, which was the longest one I've been to thus far. And the hottest... Maryland is hotter than I thought it was.

Either way, I've been meaning to redraw the image for a while, and it was suggested to me that if would be funny if I were to redraw the squad all as animals. So I did. In the image, the squad has been redrawn as an otter, a cheetah, a hairless cat, a stoat, a Belgian Tervuren, and Bernese Mountain Dog. It is based on an actual image, though I don't think it would be best to show everyone's faces.

Art done in Photoshop.

battle scars redraw 001.png
battle scars redraw 002.png
clothing sketch.png

Clothing Challenge (2021)

In early January 2021, there was a trend going around to draw yourself in whatever clothes you were wearing at the time. It's simple, but I really like the colors and such on this. Art done in Paint Tool SAI.

Chullachaki Icon (2021)

During the Fall 2021 quarter, I began helping on the senior film "Chullachaki" as a 2D helper and animator. This was the icon I drew for the crew's book. Art done in Photoshop.

Simon Icon.png
reunion 001.png
reunion 002.png

Reunion (2020)

During the winter of 2020, I decided to draw my characters Alkali and Metalloy (real names Shio and Medamuchi) in a cimic-esque style based off of a scene from the Red Hood comics. The comic follows Alkali, a notorious villain in Houston who works with the Societal Reformation League, years after he became inactive in villainly confronting his father, the number one hero. Knowing that it would look bad to bring him in, Metalloy is backed into a corner and flees, with Alkali being smug as always. Characters are based in the Boku no Hero Academia universe, but they are mine.

Art done in Paint Tool SAI.

Style Bend Challenge (2020)

During the winter of 2020, there was a challenge going around where you would ask your followers the most noticeable things about your art, take one of your characters, and basically do the exact opposite. I did this with my character Rudy (real name Riley Altorre). I will admit, it wasn't exactly the easiest thing for me to do, but I believe it turned out alright regardless.

Art was done in Paint Tool SAI.

style swap.png
sei redraw.png

Sei Redraw (2020)

I recently redrew my character, Sei, two years to the day after I drew him digitally for the first time. I like to think I improved a lot over the last two years. Sei has been seen in a couple other pieces also.

Art was done in Paint Tool SAI.  Here's the two-year-old drawing for comparison.

what - sei.jpg

DTIYS Challenge

An instagrammer I follow recently had a contest to draw her characters in your own style, and this was my submission. I didn't end up winning the contest, but this is one of the best drawings I've done so far, in my opinion. Art was done in Paint Tool SAI.

we them boys.png

We Them Boys (2020)

Portrayed as a Polaroid picture, this piece was done showing my characters Alkali and High-Volt back in high school, before Alkali became a villain and High-Volt a hero. This piece was a lot of fun to do, and not just the characters. Turns out I enjoy designing backgrounds more than I thought I would.


Odd One Out (2018)

In my first quarter at SCAD, I took a color theory course, where one of the projects was to create a two-tone piece that draws attention to the lesser-used color. Using watercolor and pen, I portrayed my own characters in this piece, as well as using color separation: warm colors jump forward while cooler colors face to the back.


Disappear (2018)

In my senior year of high school, there was a project for AP Lit that required we had an art piece. I decided to create my own, a digital painting inspired by the sing Disappear from the Dear Evan Hansen musical.

Bojack Horseman (2017)

This piece was done back in 2017 my AP Photography class for rodeo art. The work, which was done in colored pencil, was awarded with a second place ribbon. The name simply comes from an inside joke between me and my friend - we both love the show.

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