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Layout Development (WIP)

shot 130.png

Iced Layout Designs (Winter 2021)

For my ANIM 272 pipeline class, part of my task as director was to help where my other crewmates were falling behind. While out main layout artist was doing absolutely fantastic, I took it upon myself to help out where I could, and that was with the illustrations you see here. For the ones that are uncolored, I simply did the lineart, which was later colored and shaded by my other crewmates who were up to the task.

For those what are colored, not only did I do the lineart, but I also did all the coloring, lighting, shading, and so forth. There are notes on some where animation was going to be for the final scene, and of course, these notes were taken out during the actual animation process. 

Illustrations were done in Paint Tool SAI. To see the animation, click here.


Alleyway Layout (Summer 2020)

Another one of the assignments from SEQA 272, I was tasked with creating an outdoor scene that shows the characters in some sort of interaction. For this scene, I have the characters in a run-down alleyway behind a busy street with restaurants and shops, with the character Fluorosick and Igneous in the middle of a fight while Kiume and Juno watch on. As well, there are other characters who aren't connected to the main plot in any way. The top drawing is only lineart.

Art was done in Paint Tool SAI.


Warehouse Layout (Summer 2020)

For the second assignment of my SEQA 272 class, I was tasked with designing an interior layout for the story we were following over the quarter. The environment I close was the inside of an abandoned warehouse, which is where one of the showdowns between Fluorosick and Igneous takes place. 

The above sketch was done in pencil while the rendered illustration was done in Paint Tool SAI.

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