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Prop Design

Truck Concept (Summer 2021)

During the summer, while working on "The How Book," I took it upon myself to quickly sketch out a design for a truck that would be used by the main three characters and the delivery driver, Dakota the Dog. For the final design, the color was changed to more of a light blue, though I think an old red farm truck is still more evocative of an old farm.

Art was done in

Paint Tool SAI. Truck

model was done 

by Jonathan Gibney.


TV Design (Spring 2021)

For my ANIM 395 class, I was tasked with designing a TV for the 3D modelers to later do in and model for our short. In all honesty, there's not too much for me to say about it.

It's a television, y'know?

Art done in Paint Tool SAI.


"Iced" Prop Designs (Winter 2021)

For my ANIM 272 pipeline class, we were tasked with creating props that would later be drawn and used in the actual production of the film, Iced. As the director, I took it upon myself to do a lot more than was actually necessary, but I wanted to make sure that everything was covered and done correctly. These designs were also a lot more intricate than most of what was actually used in the film for the sake of simplicity of getting the film done, which kind of irritates me, but that's besides the point. Click here if you want to see the film.

Art was done in Paint Tool SAI.


Mixed Signals Props and Hand Tests

For my ANIM 345 class, I was tasted with creating a storyboard and animatic over the course of the quarter. These are some of the props that were seen throughout the boards, including lunch trays, backpacks, and so forth. Looking back, these are very rudimentary prop designs, but I suppose everyone starts somewhere.

Seeing as sign language was also featured very prominently in the boards, I also tested a couple of the hand positions that would be used in the film. References were taken from official ASL resources, as well as from what little but I know.

Art was done in photoshop. To see the boards, click here.

items and environments.png

Unhinged Prop Designs (2020)

For my project in SEQA 272, I had to go ahead and design some props that would be used throughout the course of the quarter. These are really nothing more than sketches, but it is what it is, I suppose.

Art done in Photoshop.

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