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Iced - Scrapped Storyb0ard

This was the storyboarding part of my project for my ANIM 372 class in the spring of 2021. The story follows Spencer, who's awoke from his sleep when he hears some loud banging in the kitchen. Creeping through the hallway in the early hours of the morning, he works himself up to the point where, when he gets to the kitchen, he doesn't realize that it's simply his boyfriend Rudy making cake in the kitchen and swings his hockey stick - causing Rudy to fall on the splattered cake batter. It's revealed that their cat, Eggs, was the one who caused this whole mess in the first place, and the couple embraces each other while laughing. 

This sequence was scrapped because of time constraints and the fact that this concept was going to be too difficult for a team of seven animators to complete in ten weeks time. The concept was also changed briefly as well.

Storyboard was done in Storyboard PRO.

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