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Shape Cats

This was the fourth project for my Concept Development class in the winter quarter of 2020.

During this project, the students were tasked with creating three different characters - each based off of one of the three main shapes in art - and to make some kind of story with them. These shapes (circle, triangle, and square) don't translate well to my style for humans, so I decided to do cats for them instead. The story follows Kolmio, the leader of one of the main territories this side of the city, who caught Kotak - a rival leader - on his territory. After being chased off, Kotak plots his revenge, though Kolmio doesn't know this. After a while, he comes across a young kitten, Aplis, and he takes pity on her. When it starts to rain, he takes her back to his shelter, content for the first time in a long time.

Unfortunately for him, Aplis just so happens to be Kotak's sister.

Boards were drawn and put together in ToonBoom Storyboard PRO.

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