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"Something Forgotten" Storyboard

In preparation for my senior film pitch, I quickly drew up some beatboards/storyboards (I'm not too entirely sure which, as they're kind of a combination of both). The film follows the story of Samuel Hall, an old Native man who's whittling in his garage all alone. He gets flashbacks to his past, which show his life as he's taken from his tribe, forced to behave white in order to be accepted, being drafted into WWII, losing his leg, losing who he is as a person, and essentially losing his way in life. Flash to the present, and it's revealed that he was whittling a replica of the m1911 he had during WWII, and just as he's about to mock-pull the trigger, his grandniece - Aiyana - rushes in and tries to cheer him up with a cultural Caddo dance known as the Turkey Dance. He then realizes that, while his culture is small, it's still alive, and as he pulls Aiyana in, he smiles for the first time since he was a kid.

The film wasn't greenlit, but I still intend to pursue this film in the future. Storyboard is done in Storyboard PRO.

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