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Storyboard to Concept Shot


This was actually the first storyboard I ever did.


In my Drawing for Storyboarding class in the fall quarter of 2019, we were tasked with doing any kind of storyboard we wanted, so long as it was about thirty-six panels to begin with. From there, we would simplify it down to twelve we liked the most, then six, and finally three. The final three boards were to be turned into concept drawings, completely rendered, to give the feel of the storyboard.

My storyboard follows a young boy with wings dealing with an abusive household. When his parents drunkenly turn on him, he flies off, soaring over the city as a way to get away from it all. While he's flying, he notices something behind a dumpster and goes down to investigate. There, he sees another boy who looks pretty shaken up, and offers his help. The other boy refuses his help, but seeing as the winged kid looks pretty upset, he shows off his own power - a bright fire that warms them both up as they laugh with each other and become friends.

Both the storyboards and the concept boards were finished in Adobe Photoshop.

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