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"The Boy" (Spring 2022)

Over the summer of 2021, I was asked by my friend Jonathan Gibney to storyboard for his senior film, The Boy. I was under the impression that was all I was going to be doing. However, this wasn't the case. Over winter break, I took on the task of 2D animating fire and other effects with one other animator after I put together a style guide for the fire. More than anything, they wanted the fire to look vaguely like how it did in Arcane, with more jagged edges and more randomness. Unfortunately, I had to focus more on my own senior film, Beacon, so this was all I was able to get done before handing it off to another animator.


These are the style guide and the first fire FX test done over winter break. The style guide was done in photoshop, The animation - and all other animation - will be done in ToonBoom Harmony and composited in After Effects.

Any and all 3D is done by a separate animator in Autodesk Maya.

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