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Three-ish Beats

This was the first project for my Concept Development class in the winter quarter of 2020.

The main purpose of the project was to board three separate beats in the style of an animation storyboard, though I actually ended up doing four. The story takes place in a psychiatric ward, where Felix is trying to eat despite not being hungry. Suddenly, he hears something and looks up - some kid about his age is being led in by an orderly, hands clasped behind his back by handcuffs. The kid is screaming, arguing with the orderly when he notices Felix. Instantly, he becomes irate, mistaking Felix's questioning glance for judgement. The receptionist is too used to patients like this.

Boards were drawn in Paint Tool SAI and put together in ToonBoom Storyboard PRO.

These characters, Rudy and Felix, can also be seen in the Loud Magic animation.

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