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Unhinged Storyboard

This was the final project for my storyboarding SEQA 272 class during the Summer of 2020. The board follows a young man named Fluorosick, who's a notorious criminal and has just come home from a "meeting" of sorts with a hero known as Igneous. Coming home, he tries sneaking past his adoptive father, Kiume, to make is back to his room, but he's stopped in his tracks when he realizes there's a girl about his age standing at the end of the hall. Not knowing that Juno is a "child" that Kiume found wanndering the streets, Fluorosick attacks her and threatens to kill her unless she tells him why she's there, but the commotion alerts Kiume, who rushes out and gives Juno an opportunity to free herself.

The storyboard is very action based in the second half and very emotional in the first half. I honestly kind of fell out of love with the story halfway through the quarter, but I still loved storyboarding it.

Drawings were done in PaintTool SAI.

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