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What Comes Up Must Comes Down

This was the seventh project for my Concept Development class in the winter quarter of 2020.

For this project, we were given four days to great a board based off of one of three prompts. The prompt I chose was what comes up must come down, but I took it in more of a metaphorical sense. The story follows Mattie, a college student in Boston (who's also a mafia member but that's not the point) after he comes home from school with dinner for his roommate, Adam. Unfortunately, Adam is a type one diabetic, and his blood sugar is currently too high to eat anything. After injecting a ton of insulin to try and lower his blood sugar, he decides to try and get some rest while Mattie goes to his room to work.


A couple hours later, Adam's blood sugar is... much lower, to say the least.

Boards were drawn and put together in ToonBoom Storyboard PRO.

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