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"Wosrt Day Ever" Storyboard and Animatic

For my concept development animation class (ANIM 275) in the winter quarter of 2020, we were tasked with creating a storyboard and subsequent animatic off of one of three prompts. The prompt I went with was worst day ever, hence the title of the project.

The animatic follows a young boy, Yoh, whose blood is exceedingly acidic, being made of something known as flourosic acid. Everyone in this world has powers, by the way. Anyways, the doctor ends up taking the boy from the orphanage he runs, claiming to bring him to his new family when, in reality, he uses Yoh's blood as a way to test the limits of other people's powers, including the regenerative powers of his young friend Kosei. 

Initially, Yoh believes every day is the worst. After all, nothing ever changes. But when he learns his purpose and all the pain he's inadvertently caused, he has a new outlook on things. 

Storyboard and animatic were drawn and put together in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. All voices were done by myself.

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