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Loud Magic - Multiple Animator Music Video (Spring 2019)

In the spring quarter of 2019, the students in my CTXT 121 class were each told to submit a song they'd like to do an animation to. The song eventually chosen was Loud Magic by Foreign Air, and the professor divided up the video so that each person had about ten seconds. During those ten seconds, students were to do some kind of animation, and the animation shown to the side was my part of the music video.

At this time, I had never done an animation or actually taken an animation class. We were taught the basics, but all on Photoshop - which, I learned very quickly, wasn't optimal for animating. At all. But I managed to make do, spending two weeks doing nothing but animating those ten seconds.

The animatics below the video were done throughout the course of the production, showing where I planned to take the final animation. The full animation video - with the rest of the animators from the class - are shown at the bottom of the page.

If you recognize these characters, that's because it's Rudy and Felix from my Three-ish Beats Storyboard.

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